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. >> >> this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. one day after this rowdy protest over a recent fatal police shooting, the incident is a project for the bart leadership. controversy over the latest officer-involved shooting at bart. this morning, one day after protesters swarmed that bart platform and train, bart police
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reviewed to talk about the incident. joining us live from oakland with more. did protesters show up there as well? >> reporter: they did. the first meeting wrapped up an hour ago inside the bart headquarters, speakers aired concerns and the board responded in a question and answer fashion. this man, charles hill, did not have to die. he could have been tackled or treated in a very different way. >> officers are trained to shoot at center mass to stop the threat and they're not taught to kill people. >> reporter: we caught the chief before the meeting today where he knew he would have to answer questions surrounding the shooting death of a 45-year-old man, charles hill, by two bart police officers on july 3. the man was wielding a knife and broken bottle on that day. a few upset residents grilled the chief along with bart directors because of the fatal shooting, the third in three years by bart police. they want bart to disband its police force and they demanded surveillance video of the july 3 shooting which has been granted
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by bart. the video will not be released until the investigation is over and no sooner. director lynnette sweet told us she couldn't comment over the protests and demonstrations which disrupted service at three bart stations. but she said it seemed off to her. >> this protest may have been somewhat premature in that, wait until you find out. we have made it a point of telling everybody we're going to release these videos that we have. we're going to release it, but we can't do that until the investigation is done. >> reporter: an independent auditor, mark smith, has been hired and was introduced at today's meeting. he will review bart's shooting investigation and 11 members of the citizen's review board will oversee his work. a check of the check, if you will chief reney told those assembled there are four pending investigations. one by the san francisco police department, one by the san francisco's da's office, bart's internal affairs and bart's police department. and, of course, ktvu news will
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have more on this tonight. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thanks jade. we have more information on the bart police shooting on our channel 2 website. just go to and look for the bart shooting tab. the highway patrol is investigating an early morning fatality. a pedestrian was hit around 3:00 a.m. in the northbound lanes of interstate 280 near 19th avenue in daily city. a passing motorist reported someone walking on the road before the accident but when officers arrived on the scene, a car had already hit and killed the unidentified person. the investigation continues into a crash that sent an suv straight into a san mateo fire station. it happened around 11:00 last night at fire station 27 on deanza boulevard. a mother and daughter were inside. the suv finally stopped after completely pushing in the garage door. no one inside was hurt and an ambulance rushed the mother to
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the hospital with unknown injuries. it was a close call for a mother and her baby girl in san pablo this morning after firefighters had to rescue them. it happened around 2:00 a.m. at the hill top commons apartment. a woman was cooking something on the stove and fell asleep. that started a small fire and smoke quickly filled that apartment. the smoke alarm did not go off but sprinklers did. they pulled a sleeping mother and baby to safety when the firefighters arrived. >> the bedroom door was open. the entire apartment was charred full of smoke. in another five minutes, it would have been different. >> the firefighters had the fire out in about 30 minutes. nearly two dozen san jose firefighters are getting their jobs back thanks to a federal grant. the $15 million grant allows them to fill 49 positions that were lost in a controversial brown-out plan last year. 22 of the 49 firefighters have
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accepted their jobs back but still have to be retrained. the fire department says they'll fill the remaining 27 openings with transfers. outrage in san bruno after pg & e makes a court filing over who should pay the victims. it not only blames the company for the explosion but also places responsibility on the shoulder of the victims themselves. >> reporter: in the san bruno neighborhood where this explosion happened, all around me, you can see and even hear the sounds of homes being rebuilt, but while construction is well under way in this neighborhood, so is the legal battle between some of these residents and pg & e. today we're learning how pg & e may defend itself against the dozens of lawsuits. this disaster is still fresh in everyone's mind. >> when i looked out this window, the whole edition was engulfed in flames.
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>> reporter: bishop says he was impressed and reassured by the way pg & e responded to the crisis. >> he assured us that, don't worry, we're going to take care of things and get things as right as we possibly can. >> reporter: now he says he's surprised by the legal document pg & e filed outlining some of the reasons why the company says it's not at fault. >> they have been very cooperative with everybody and everybody putting the neighborhood back together and now it almost seems like they're turning their back on us. >> reporter: the document filed in san mateo superior court outlines a number of things, the statute of limitations is one, saying they waited too long to file suit. >> in this case it's inappropriate because they are not too late. >> reporter: the attorney representing about 40 residents about the explosion is most upset about another line of defense in the document talking about something called comparative negligence, a legal term which can be interpreted to mean that the victims of the accident are also partly to blame. >> it's at best callous and at
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worst irreprehensible. it's almost inhume. >> reporter: we've been talking pg & e executives since 7:30 this morning trying to get someone to meet with us on camera to address concerns about this document. the spokesperson with pg & e says they will not be ready to make a statement for us until later this afternoon. we'll have more on this story on ktvu channel 2 news at 5. >> thanks, ali. police are looking for a man suspected of three bay area homicides. they say 21-year-old jonathan walker also goes by the name john-john. he's wanted for two murders in valeo, including the killing of michael ross last month and wanted on a $10 million warrant for a san francisco homicide in january of this year and wanted for patrol violations. police say if you see him, call them but do not approach. he's considered armed and dangerous. a series of robberies at the
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bus station. there have been five incidents on donna hew street. the most recent happened this past weekend. police are encouraging bus riders to walk in well lit areas, avoid strangers and walk in groups whenever possible. a private security guard compared this to the other one. >> it's very busy here. down there, it's somewhat isolated, and you don't get a whole lot of people going in and out of there, so that could be a problem especially at night. >> according to the independent journal, work to improve safety at the bus stops is going to begin after labor day. new bus shelters will get lighting and walls will be lowered to increase visibility. police are trying to spread the word about a recent increase in home burglaries in the day time. police say burglars are targeting unoccupied homes, often knocking on the doors first to determine if the house is empty. now, if someone answers, they pretend they're making a delivery to an unknown neighbor.
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they are also targeting homes with hidden front doors and usually kick their way in those homes. police are asking people to be vigilant. there's now a $100,000 reward in the search for missing nursing student michelle leigh. she was last seen in hayward. hayward police are investigating this case as a homicide. her family announced the increased reward yesterday and are organizing two search parties this coming friday and saturday. students and their families may have to pay more for a college education. trustees are expected to vote today on a proposed 12% tu-i guess hike. if approved, that would cost a full-time undergraduate an additional 294 dollars per semester. that would mean the annual tuition would go up. on thursday, the university of california regents are scheduled to vote on their own proposed
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fee hike. if the 9.6% tuition hike is approved, tuition and fees would climb to 12,200 a year. that hike would take effect this fall. president obama is set to meet with lawmakers at the white house this afternoon to make another attempt to come to an agreement on the debt resolution before august 2. that's the deadline. democrats and republicans have been struggling to reach an agreement on cutting trillions of dollars from the federal budget. neither side is showing any flexibility that might generate hope for a speedy agreement. >> the fact is is that house republicans have a plan. we passed our budget back in the spring, that outlines our priorities. where's the president's plan? when's he going to lay his cards on the table? >> this isn't about future spending. this is about covering the bills from the past. mostly the bills from the bush administration. >> republican leaders insist they are not going to yield to democratic demands for tax
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increases part of the deal. democrats say the gop is protecting the wealthiest americans, which is hurting the middle class. dignitaries are gathering in southern california to remember and pay tribute to former first lady betty ford. and the calendar says july, but it certainly feels like january over much of the bay area. just ahead, details on how long the cool weather will last in your neighborhood. and a burning issue faces a vote in congress today, concerning your right to have the type of you want.
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>> right now, the last space walk of nasa's 30-year shuttle program is underway. the two space station residents are replacing a broken pump. the other astronauts have been on atlantis, which is due to return the 21st, where it will be returned. the families of seven bay area fisher men missing in mexico says the dive team is on standby. they spent the day looking at islands. it's been nine dace. one bay area man is confirmed dead. three dozen people survived, many by swimming 16 hours to
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remote islands. a funeral service takes place at 2:00 this afternoon, for former first lady betty ford. first lady michelle obama and several former first ladies and presidents are expected at the private ceremony. she will be utilized by rosalyn carter. she will then be buried next to her husband. former president gerald ford at the presidential museum. betty ford died last week at the age of 93. the taliban is claiming claiming responsibility for the assassination of the half brother of the president of afghanistan, karzai. he was shot by someone he considered close and trust worthy. officials say the assassin went to the home to get papers signed and shot karzai three times while signing those papers. security guards then shot the gun man. the younger karzai was considered an ally of the us who seemed to have no problems going after the taliban but was also controversial for his ties to
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drug lords. what is being called the biggest case of landlord neglect in the city's history, a story ktvu has been following for month, people living with broken bathroom fixtures, mold and roaches, in buildings owned by gardner, who says they aren't paying rent. >> if i make a mistake, okay, i try my best. i'm a human being. >> now, oakland city attorneys has stepped in. she has been asked to pay an $80,000 fine and the building she owns will be put up for sale. she will never again be able to own a multiunit building in the city. as for the residents, no one will pay rent until all repairs have been made. the family of a teenager who was trapped in a sand tunnel collapse hopes he will be breathing on his own soon. 17-year-old ryan buchanan was
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buried when the tunnel collapsed on him. he had breathing and feeding tubes put in. his family said the surgery went well and has begun to open his eyes. that happened yesterday morning. hundreds of children will not get to go to summer camp this year, after a san jose based nonprofit shut down without warning. we went to their office this morning and found the space empty. the mercury news reports the diabetes society sent out a mass e-mail to parents on june 24 saying the remaining summer camps would be canceled. parents told the newspaper they were given two options to get their money back, try to apply for a refund or just write off the 600 to $700 registration fees as a donation. well, the heat wave in the midwest and the south is spreading to the east coast. 23 states in washington dc are now under heat advisories. the extreme heat has already proven dangerous in illinois, one man died due to excessive heat and the air conditioning unit was broken. in oklahoma city, temperatures
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have been in the triple digits there for almost two weeks. you get the yin and the yang. while they're in blistering heat, we're normal on temperatures, very strong fog bank and cool pattern has established itself. it didn't take long once we got the high pressure system moved to the middle of the country. a very cool day, week and probably into the weekend with only subtle changes slightly warmer as we head into the weekend. maybe early next week we'll come up on temps, but even the 10-day outlook leans more cool in the west. with the heat in the middle of the country and the east. south san francisco and san bruino has some measurable amounts of rain. system continues to turn into oregon and rotates around as it does and enhances that fog bank and gets it around 3,000 feet so it has no problem clearing the coastal hills, and you can see some of that is still holding on, a west wind or west-southwest wind.
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low clouds beginning to burn off. we have 170, that's san jose, everyone else, 50s and 60s. it's cool, san francisco, gray skies, upper 60s. fairfield is not 70 yet. that tells you it's really low. going to dig into oregon by tomorrow night and eject out of here allowing temperatures to come up every so slowly. the next 48 hours, the cooling continues for inland areas and if you're stuck in the gray it's really cool and drizzly. so for july, this is a big departure from what we had last week, the 90s to 100s inland. not anymore. low clouds and fog, some of it holding on, but it's breezy and the pattern for july is below normal on temps and the wind is starting to pick up. clear lake, i don't think they'll hit that tomorrow. 60s and 70s elsewhere. fairfield 74, 72 walnut creek. that's cool for them. 78 in morgan hill, even san jose at 72.
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72 santa clarra, 50s san mateo coast. souths in south san francisco and low 70s in the peninsula. to thursday, maybe a little cooler, away from the coast and a slight rebound into the weekend. for your weekend, claudine. >> can you work that out. >> i don't mind the cool now. but if you could work on the warm-up . alcoholic energy drinks are one step closer to being banned in california. yesterday, the state assembly approved a bill banning the import, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages laced with caffeine. critics say the drinks are aimed at young people and make it easy to drink too much. the changes must be made by the assembly before the bill is sent to governor brown. in the midst of the big budget battle in washington dc, today the house is taking time to vote on what kind of light bulbs you can use. republicans are trying to repeal a law passed a few years ago requiring people to use more
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energy efficient bulbs. they say the requirement for people to use the energy efficient bulbs is too expensive. but democrats say the bulbs are going to lower your electric bills. >> let's go out and replace 40 light bulbs at $6 a pop. you're spending some money that to our constituency, to our voters, that's real money. >> if it passes the house, it moves on to the senate where its chances of passing are dim. still to come, he brought tv viewers some of their best loved shows. today his passing is being remembered. also, a close call at the all-star game to the home run derby, a fan was almost seriously injured.
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>> let's take a look at the numbers. dow's up over 10 points. investors are watching the economic concerns in italy, but if you want to take a look at some surprising news, cisco could eliminate 10,000 jobs. a california state university committee has just approved a plan to raise tuition by another 12% this fall. that's to offset a deeper than expected cut in state funding. the increase would be on top of the previously approved 10%
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increase for the 23 campus system. the full csu board of trustees is expected to vote on the proposal this afternoon. the creator of two popular sitcoms in the 1960s has died. sherwood schwartz brought us gill gan's island and the brady bunch. family members say he died early today at the age of 94. he was being treated for an intestinal infection in los angeles. his wife and children have been at his side. it appears arnold schwarzenegger is moving forward from his failed marriage to focus on his acting career. he'll reportedly start filming a movie in september called last stand. he and wife maria maria shriver are in the middle of a divorce after admitting to fathering a child of a housekeeper. the all star rosters include four san francisco giants
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pitchers and pablo sando val. and you can catch all the all-star action right here on ktvu channel 2. the coverage begins at 5:00 p.m.. a lot to talk about in the scary moments during yesterday's all star home run derby. a fan nearly fell from the stands. he launched one into the seats and there you see him. that is keith car michael. he took on a metal table to try to reach for the ball when he went head first over the railings. he was heading for a very hard landing but his brother and a friend held him. you see several other people grabbing on to him as well as he held onto the railing at chase field. pictures show just how close he came to falling. carmichael's brother and friend pulled him back up over the railing. this happened the same day the man was buried after falling and dying at the texas rangers a's game.
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new information is coming out in the jaycee dugardcase. we're learning what parole officers learned about her discipliner just nine days after the kidnapping. our next news cast is at 4:00. that will do it for us at noon today. have a great one.
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